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DJ Spooky's release “Optometry” is a vast sonic essay that merges DJ culture seamlessly with jazz, ambient, and other styles. As DJ Spooky wields laptop, turntables, treatments, bass, he is joined by pianist Matthew Shipp and violinist Daniel Bernard Roumain, among other guest musicians. Spooky calls Optometry "jazz for the genre splice generation," and as this edition of New Sounds illustrates, it's a big step forward in the DJ genre.

PROGRAM #2146 with DJ Spooky (Monday 4/21/03)





DJ Spooky


Reactive Switching Strategies for the Control of Uninhabited Air, excerpt [3:00]
Ibid, des marches, ibid [5:30]
Sequentia Absetnia - Dialectical Triangulation I [7:00]

Thirsty Ear #57121**

DJ Spooky, featuring Mad Professor and Lee 'Scratch' Perry


Lee 'Scratch' Perry: Jungle Soldier [1:00]
Sequentia Absentia, Lee 'Scratch' Perry intro [1:00]

Thirsty Ear #57128**

DJ Spooky


Dementia Abserntia - Dialectical Triangulation II [3:30]
Variation Cybernetique [3:00]

See above.

DJ Spooky, et al.


Karsh Kale: Variation Cybernetique Mix [5:0]

See above.

Rob Burger

Lost Photograph

Mem [5:00]

Tzadik #7170

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