But Is It Jazz?

It’s music of a jazz sort on this New Sounds program featuring uncategorizable music by Australia’s trio The Necks. This threesome (piano/organ, bass, drums) is driven by hypnotic, deceptively simple riffs and motifs, which on their latest effort, “Drive-By”, is one epic improvised work, with color and accents to a pulse, over an hour in duration. Hear a portion of it, along with the idiosyncratic music of the Lounge Lizards, and the so-called acid jazz of Medeski, Martin & Wood on this edition of New Sounds.

PROGRAM # 2253, "But Is It Jazz?" (First aired Tues. 2/24/04)





The Necks

Drive By

Excerpts [22:30] & [3:30]


Lounge Lizards

New Sounds Live, Merkin Hall, 4/12/92

Uncle Jerry/Sex with Monster, Vol. 2 [13:00]

"Uncle Jerry" is on the CD "Voice Of Chunk". Available for purchase at Amazon.com* That and other CDs by The Lounge Lizards are available in stores** or online. www.strangeandbeautiful.com*

Medeski Martin & Wood

Friday Afternoon In The Universe

Last Chance To Dance Trance (Perhaps) [7:30]

Gramavision/Rykodisc #79503** www.rykodisc.com*

Medeski Martin & Wood


Dracula, excerpt [1:00]

Gramavision/Rykodisc #79514. www.rykodisc.com*

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