Serbian Soul and Hot Grooves

On this edition of New Sounds, there's plenty of new music from the Balkans. Hear the Boban Markovic Orkestar, an explosive band of Serbian gypsies with a sensitive soulful side and hot grooves. Recall that Boban Markovic wrote music scores for a film by Kusturica – “Underground.” Also on tap is jangly Balkan jazzy blues from Hurlak, who happen to be French natives. Plus, listen to the Earth-Wheel-Sky Band, a Serbian string band with many mystery guests, and more.

PROGRAM # 2247, Balkan Music Party (First aired on Wed. 2/11/04)





Kocani Orkestra

L'orient est rouge

Sunet Oro, excerpt [1:30]

Crammed Discs #craw19

Boban Markovic Orkestra

Boban I Marko

Balkan Fest [4:30]
Mere Yaara Dildara [3:30]
Magija (Magic) [4:30]

Piranha #1790

Zlatne Uste Blakan Brass Band

In The Center of the Village

Na Khelav - Na Gilavav [4:30]

Azalea City #9903 *,
info about the band at

Earth Wheel-Sky-Band

Waltz Rromano

Vranje Rromans [6:30]

Asphalt tango #0303


Bucarest Blues

Rumba Sauvage [4:00]

Iris Music #3001 870

Kocani Orkestar

L'orient est rouge

L'orient est rouge [6:00]

See above.

Ivo Papasov and His Orchestra


Ergenski Dance [3:30]
Mladeshki Dance [6:00]

Hannibal #1363
Possibly available at*,
but likely out of print.
Also try

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