Microtonal Music

Now over two decades running, the annual American Festival of Microtonal Music offers New Yorkers a feast of microtonal works - those which use pitches and musical scales not organized in the standard twelve tone-to-the-octave equally-tempered way. Microtonal music includes works that make finer divisions within the traditional tuning system, usually by dividing each semitone into two quarter-tones. Host John Schaefer welcomes Johnny Reinhard, microtonal composer/bassoonist, who presents highlights from recent installments.

PROGRAM # 2130, Microtonal Music, with Johnny Reinhardt (First aired on Fri. 3/7/03)





Skip La Plante

La Plante Home Made

Concerto for Bassoon and Homemade Instruments, excerpt [1:30]

Due out on Pitch Records. www.echonyc.com/~jhhl/AFMM/

Various artists


C. Ives: The Unanswered Question [6:00]

Same as above.

Various artists


L. Harrison: At The Tomb Of Charles Ives [4:00]

Same as above.

Various artists


Sigbjørn Apeland Ensemble: Jeg ser deg [7:00]

Same as above.

Various artists


J. Carillo: Preludio a Colon [4:00]

Same as above.

American Festival of Microtonal Music/J.S.Bach

Private tape

Brandenburg Concerto #4, 2nd movement, excerpt [2:30]


Aguava New Music Ensemble

Canticum Novum

J. Eaton: Kyrie, from Mass [4:00]

Aguava #2001 T. www.aguava.com or aguava@aguava.com

Michael Harrison



MHM #101. www.michaelharrison.com

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