Radical Jewish Music

Radical Jewish Music might encompass Klezmer, Sephardic folk songs, and even the infamous '50s easy listening album "Bagels and Bongos," or anything in the tradition of, or inspired by all of these. On this edition of New Sounds, hear from musicians and composers, most from John Zornfs Tzadik label, who have their roots in traditional musics of Jewish heritage. There's music from the latest Steve Bernstein (Lounge Lizards, Sex Mob) release, "Diaspora Hollywood," which actually was recorded in the Hollywood Hills. Listen to Bernstein's lush vibey-groovy small jazz combo arrangements and reworkings of cantorial music, along with violinist Jenny Scheinman's folk-jazz for quartet with keyboardist Myra Melford from her release "Shalagaster." Plus, listen to the soulful music of Basya Schecter, vocalist for the group Pharaoh's Daughter. From the recent "Queen's Dominion," in collaboration with santur virtuoso Alan Kushan, sample hypnotic middle eastern music with influences from both Jewish and Arab traditions. And much more.

PROGRAM #2346 Radical Jewish Music (First aired Friday, 11-19-04)





Jenny Scheinman


Zeynebim [4:30]
American Dipper [6:30]
Nigun [4:30]

Tzadik #7709 ** www.tzadik.com*

Steven Bernstein

Diaspora Hollywood

Havenu Shalom Alechem [5:00]

Tzadik #7191** www.tzadik.com*

3 Mustaphas 3

Heart of Uncle

Vi Bist Du Geveyzn Far Prohibishfn? [5:00]

Rykodisc#21045** www.rykodisc.com*

David Krakauerfs Klezmer Madness

The Twelve Tribes

Der Gasn Nign [5:00]

Label Bleu #6637**

3 Mustaphas 3

Soup of the Century

Zohar #2 [4:30]

Rykodisc #10195** www.rykodisc.com*

Basya Schechter

Queenfs Dominion

Midian [5:00]
Bedouin Tea Party {4:30]

Tzadik #7193** www.tzadik.com*

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