William Duckworth

Often referred to as the first “post-minimalist” composer, William Duckworth has created works for solo instruments, large ensembles, and even the internet, as in his 5-year, ongoing piece “Cathedral,” which he brings to the New Sounds Live concerts at the World Financial Center this Wednesday (November 17.) "The Cathedral" is one of the first interactive, continuous works of music and art designed specifically for the World Wide Web by Duckworth and media artist Nora Farrell. The Cathedral Band, a global collective of improvising musicians, is the human element of Cathedral that touches down in periodic live performance. On this New Sounds, we hear excerpts from Cathedral and other, acoustic works, several of which have familiar melodies “hidden” within.
Details about November 17, New Sounds Live concert

PROGRAM #2344 Music By William Duckworth (First aired Monday, 11-15-04)





William Duckworth

Time-Curve Preludes

I [2:30]

Lovely Music #2031** www.lovely.com*

William Duckworth & The Cathedral Band

Private CD

Live At Galapagos, excerpt [5:00]

Cathedral is a web-based piece, online at www.cathedral.monroestreet.com

William Duckworth

Southern Harmony

Bozrah [2:00]
Sardina [3:30]
Hebrew Children [3:30]

Lovely Music #2033 ** www.lovely.com*


Private CDs

Dreaming Dances, Round And Square, excerpt [4:00]
Dancing With The Ancestors [9:30]

See above.

Guy Klucevsek

Transylvanian Software

Duckworth: Slow Dancing In Yugoslavia [10:00]

Starkland #207** www.starkland.com*

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