Jewish Cantorial Music

Listen to music inspired by, and in some cases incorporating, the sounds of Jewish cantorial music on this edition of New Sounds. Hear selections from Wally Brill's CD The Covenant, which combines the sounds and spirit of Jewish incantations with modern ambient, dub, and other electronic music, and manages to be both intensely reverent and danceable. Other highlights include hear Osvaldo Golijov's K’vakkarat for string quartet and tape, Frank London's Invocations, and Steve Bernstein's Diaspora Blues, a work which honors the legendary cantor Moshe Koussevitsky by interpreting Jewish melodies and other traditions.

PROGRAM #2119 Music based on Jewish Cantorial Singing (First aired on 2/4/03)





Mysteries of the Sabbath

Classic Cantorial Recordings, 1907-1947

Yossele Rosenblatt: Tal [1:30]

Yazoo #7002.*
available for purchase at*

Wally Brill

The Covenant

Kiddush Le Shabbat [6:30]

Six Degrees #314-524-422*** OR
available for purchase at*

Kronos Quartet

Night Prayers

Osvaldo Golijov: Kvakarat [8:00]

Nonesuch #79346***
available for purchase at*

Mysteries of the Sabbath

Classic Cantorial Recordings, 1907-1947

Pierre Penchik: Rozo D'Shabbos [1:30]

See above.

Frank London


Ono Hashem/Refoeinu

Tzadik #7147*

Steven Bernstein

Diaspora Soul

Habet Mishomayim


Tzadik #7137*

Andy Statman Quartet

New Sounds Live, Merkin Hall 1/8/98

Reb Nachman's Deveykus Nign [8:00]

A version of this appears on his CD "Between Heaven And Earth," on Shanachie Records, available for purchase at*

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