Sardinian Voices

Small-group polyphonic singing in Sardinia, rooted in the pastoral world of the Italian island, is a rich tradition dating back thousands of years. Four male voices, a soloist singing the melody, and three harmony parts sung in a highly nasal manner, combine for a music filled with harmonies and overtones, sometimes with sung poetry improvised on the spot. Enjoy a rare treat on this edition of New Sounds, as the Tenores Di Oniferi, one of the outstanding vocal groups of “cantu a tenores,” perform this ancient and unusual music in the WNYC studio.

PROGRAM # 2235, Music from Sardinia & Corsica (First aired 1-12-04)





Tenores di Oniferi


AS'omine, excerpt [1:30]

Ideas#0001 Available at* or

Enzo Favata

Voyage En Sardaigne

Boche E Notte [3:00]

Felmay #7013,

Elena Ledda


Sett'ispadas [3:00]

Dunya #8030,

Enzo Favata

Voyage En Sardaigne

Sa Pippia [2:00]

See above.

Elena Ledda


Su Dillu [3:30]

See above

Tenores Di Oniferi


Ninna Nanna De Anton'Istene [2:30]
S'incontru Fortunadu [4:00]
Pao Ite Tottu Custu [5:00]

"Ninna nanna" is on the CD AS'omine See above for info on Tenores Di Oniferi recordings

I Muvrini

Au Zenith '93

Terzettu [3:00]

Columbia (France) #476942 Available at

Tra Ochju E Mare

Chants Corses

I Mulatteri D'ulmetu [3:30]

Silex/Auvidis #225004, out of print


Per Agata

E Sette Galere [4:30]

Silex/Auvidis #225019 Available through Amazon France,

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