Extended Russian Repertoire

The groundbreaking Dmitri Pokrovsky Ensemble, continuing the work of the late musicologist/singer Dmitri Pokrovsky(1944-1996), performs live in the WNYC studio. They’ve recorded Stravinsky's "Les Noces," collaborated on albums with Peter Gabriel and Paul Winter, and have over 2000 songs in their repertoire, including medieval Russian village music and music of the country's old and new faiths. The ensemble has extended the reach of contemporary Russian folk singing by incorporating thumb piano and percussion of Zimbabwe, among other traditions.

PROGRAM #2229, with the Dmitri Pokrovsky Ensemble, live (First aired on Tues, 12/16/03))





Paul Winter


Kurski Funk [3:30]

Living Music #0015.** www.livingmusic.com *

Dmitri Pokrovsky Ensemble

The Wild Field

Slow Kaliuki, extract [1:00]
Geese Fly [3:00]

Real World #91736** www.realworldrecords.com *

Pokrovsky Ensemble

Stravinsky: Les Noces

In The House [2:00]
Stravinsky: Les Noces, Tableau 3, excerpt [2:30]

Nonesuch #79335** www.nonesuch.com *

Dmitri Pokrovsky Ensemble and Chris Berry

Work in progress

Nhemamusasa, excerpt [2:00]

CD is scheduled for release in 2004. See Living Music's website (above) for more info.

Dmitri Pokrovsky Ensemble


Good Evening, Master of the House [1:00]
Cossack Went Alone [3:00]
Stravinsky: Pribaoutki [5:30]
Maidade [1:00]
Down In Kiev, excerpt [1:00]
Don't Fly, You Gulls [2:00]
There Is a Snowball Tree on the Mountain [2::00]

Most of these are scheduled to be recorded and released in 2004. See above for further recording info.

Dmitri Pokrovsky Ensemble and Chris Berry

Work in progress

Excerpt [2:00]

See above.

Lisa Gutkin

Sidewalk Angel

Seeing Is Believing Suite [1:00]

Quarktet #0014.

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