Instrumental Prayers

Charles Lloyd's recent CD Lift Every Voice--containing spirituals, folk songs, hymns, standards, love songs, and protest songs--is partly in response to the cataclysmic events of September 11, 2001. The veteran saxophonist had been due to open at the Blue Note in New York on that day, as reflected in the sorrowful yet hopeful "Hymn To The Mother," featured on this edition of New Sounds. Other selections continue this spiritual thread, including the Andy Statman Quartet's "Maggid;" Keith Jarrett's "Hymn" and "Spirits;" and Misha Alperin's "Psalm #1."

PROGRAM #2110, Instrumental Prayers (First aired on January 7, 2003)





Charles Lloyd

Lift Every Voice

Hymn To The Mother [15:00]

ECM #1832/33**
Available at*

Andy Statman Quartet

Between Heaven and Earth

Maggid [9:30]

Shanachie #64079**
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Keith Jarrett

Dark Intervals

Hymn [4:30]

ECM #1379
Available at*

Keith Jarrett

Rarum I: selected recordings

Spirits #25 [2:00]

ECM #440 014 168
Available at*
Also on the ECM release called "Spirits"**
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Psalm 199 [5:30]

Atrium #22197
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Misha Alperin

North Story

Psalm #1 [7:30]

ECM #1596**
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