For the Birds

Hear works that incorporate taped natural sounds on this New Sounds program. No mere atmospheric ocean waves with soothing strings are in store, instead, Einojuhani Rautavaara’s “Cantus Arcticus,” or “concerto for bird [voices] and orchestra.” The taped cries of wild birds from arctic regions are sped up, slowed down, and accompanied by orchestra to chilling effect. Also, there’s Evan Ziporyn’s recent work, “No Return – River Impressions 2002,” featuring the Salmon River interwoven with clarinet and violin and much more.

PROGRAM #2228 Music With Natural Sounds (First aired on Thursday, 12-11-03)





Evan Ziporyn

No Return: River Impressions 2002

Postcard (with Ava, Simon & Skyler) [6:30]
Night Sit [10:00]

Sun Valley Center for the Arts, no #*

Einojuhani Rautavaara

Finlandia - A Festival of Finnish Music

Cantus Arcticus [17:00]

Bis #575**
Available at*

Pete M. Wyer

Works in progress

Two Bridges [10:00]

Not commercially available. Info on Wyer's music available through

Evan Ziporyn

No Return: River Impressions 2002

Upstream, excerpt [2:30]

See above.

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