Clangorous Clarinets and Drones

In their arresting 2002 suite, Iron Sky, percussionist Jerry Granelli and clarinetist Jeff Reilly evoke a rich array of weird textures and otherworldly sounds by playing iron sound sculptures (made by John Little in a Nova Scotia Iron Foundry) alongside electro-acoustic percussion, clarinet, and bass clarinet. We hear excerpts on this edition of New Sounds. Also, New York's Downtown Ensemble performs Mary Jane Leach's "Bare Bones," which features a quartet of trombones in drone-like harmonies. And we hear the polystylistic (and very downtown) works of Trygve Seim, Oyvind Braekke, and Per Oddvar Johansen on ECM.

PROGRAM #2105 (First aired on 12/18/02)





Jerry Granelli & Jeff Reilly

Iron Sky

Movement #2 [5:30]

Love Slave #106

Trygve Seim / Øyvind Brække / Per Oddvar Johansen

The Source and Different Cikadas

Mmball [5:00]

EC #1764

Michele Walther, Matthias Gubler, Luzian Jenny

Orange Heart

Snuck [3:30]

Altrisuoni #126

Jerry Granelli & Jeff Reilly

Iron Sky

Movement #4 [5:30]

See above.

Peter Garland

Another Sunrise

The Things I Wish I'd Said [5:30]
Another Sunrise [5:00]

Mode #110**

Downtown Ensemble

Downtown Only

Mary Jane Leach: Bare Bones [7:00]

Lovely Music #3091**

Ulrich Krieger

Walls of Sound

James Tenney: Saxony, excerpt [10:00]

Oo discs #32**

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