World Out Of Tune

World Out of Tune festival composer Jon Catler stops by the studio to present works by some of this year’s festival composers; La Monte Young, Elodie Lauten, Neil Haverstick and others. The festival is a series of concerts and broadcasts in Harmonic Series Tuning, a system using intervals occurring in Nature, which fall in between the notes of the traditional man-made European system of tuning. On this edition of New Sounds, hear excerpts from Elodie Lauten’s Harmonic Protection Circle – a work of improvisation within a framework, as the performers react to the resonance of just intonation overtones and the various patterns unfolding with the consonance and dissonance. Also, hear music from La Monte Young, one of the world's leading experts on Natural Music, and from Catler’s own overtone power trio of fretless and just intonation guitar, fretless bass, and drums.
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PROGRAM #2331 Music for “A World Out Of Tune” with Jon Catler (Fri. 10-15-04)





The Catler Bros.

Crash Landing

Hyperspace [3:00]

Freenote #2001*

Willie McBlind

And The Characters

Shallow Grey [6:00]

Freenote #2004 see above.

Elodie Lauten Ensemble

Harmonic Protection Circle

Harmonic Protection Circle, Excerpt [5:30]

Studio 21, no #.

Neil Haverstick

If the Earth Was A Woman

Project 9, excerpt [4:30]

Private CD OR

La Monte Young & Marian Zazeela

The Well-Tuned Piano in the Magenta Lights

Excerpt [10:00]

Just Dreams #002

The Catler Bros.

Crash Landing

Free [3:30]

See above.

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