Unusual “Chamber” Music

Experimental music icon John Zorn rarely lacks the ability to surprise, and his hypnotic seven-movement suite "IAO" is a perfect example why. The work is a meditation on evil, specifically concerned with the Beast (the name IAO refers to "Satan") and musically, it is classic Zorn, with dark ambient exoticism, ritualistic percussion, film noir music, death metal, and avant-garde classical. We hear this along with several other pieces for chamber ensemble, including Molly Thompson's "Draft of Shadows," and Pete M. Wyer's "Life Support."

PROGRAM #2106, with Pete M. Wyer (First aired on 12/19/02)





John Zorn

IAO - Music in Sacred Light

Sacred Rites of the Left Hand Path [6:30]

Tzadik #7338**

Molly Thompson

Private CD

Draft of Shadows [6:30]

Not available.

Pete M. Wyer

Private CD

Life Support (Penumbra di Luna) [6:00]

Info on Wyer's music available through pmwmusic@yahoo.com


Prelude to Sospira [5:30]

See above.

Private CD

If I Had Known I Was Dreaming, Pt. 2 [8:00]
Life Support (piano version) [3:30]

See above.

Carter Burwell

Adaptation- Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Screenwriter's Nightmare [1:00]

Astralwerks #43484**

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