C'Mon Baby, Light My Oil Lamp

John Tavener’s “The Bridegroom” is an ecstatic, mystical piece imbued with slow-moving harmonies and radiant vocal textures. The work, commissioned by both Anonymous 4 and the London-based Chilingirian String Quartet, is based on the biblical parable of the wise and foolish virgins, in which ten virgins await a wedding feast. As the story goes, five virgins are prepared with enough oil for their lamps to greet the bridegroom's sudden arrival at midnight, while the unprepared other five virgins are left out in the darkness to miss the feast. On this edition of New Sounds, Program #2225, hear John Tavener’s “The Bridegroom” performed by Anonymous 4 and the Chilingirian String Quartet and other works, recorded live at the World Financial Center’s Winter Garden from last October.

PROGRAM #2225, from New Sounds Live - Anonymous 4 & the Chilingirian Quartet (First aired on 12/4/03)





John Tavener

Ikon Of Light

Mystical Prayer to the Holy Spirit, excerpt [1:30]

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Richard Einhorn

Voices Of Light

Final Walk [3:00]

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Anonymous 4 & the Chilingirian String Quartet

New Sounds Live, World Financial Centre 10/23/03

J. Tavener: Come And Do Your Will In Me [6:30]
anon: Alleluia [3:30]
J. Tavener: The Bridegroom [17:00]
anon: Vidi Civitatem [4:00]
J. Tavener: As One Who Has Slept [6:30]

The three Tavener works are on Anonymous 4's CD, "Darkness Into Light" Harmonia Mundi #907274 www.harmoniamundi.com

John Tavener

Ikon Of Light

Mystical Prayer to the Holy Spirit, excerpt [2:00]

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