Program #2100

The power players of the percussion world take center stage on this edition of New Sounds. Highlights include Zimbabwean mbira master Ephat Mujuru, whose new album, Journey of the Spirit, brilliantly captures the delicate beauty of the instrument. We get a sneak preview of Pedro Carneiro's Plainspoken (to be released in Spring 2003), which features solo Bach pieces interspersed with works by modern composers, notably Joseph Schwantner. Also on tap are selections from Mondo Beat 2's superstar CD Masters Of Percussion, by Mickey Hart/Planet Drum, Taufiq, and Greg Ellis.

PROGRAM #2100 World Beats (First aired on Wednesday, December 4, 2002)





Ephat Mujuru

Journey Of The Spirit

Nyamaropa [5:30]

Alula #1026***

Mondo Beat 2

Masters Of Percussion

Greg Ellis: Ceremony Of Passage [3:30]
Mickey Hart/Planet Drum: Wheel of Time [6:00]
Taufiq:The Tree Of Rhythm [5:00]

Narada #42522*

Ephat Mujuru

Journey Of The Spirit

Africa Meet Africa [4:30]

See above.

Tiye Giraud

Private recording

Gorgon's At The Gate [2:30]

Not commercially available.

Susie Ibarra Trio

Songbird Suite

Passing Clouds [5:00]

Tzadik #Oracle2

Patrick Grant

Music from the Red Night

Monogram for Gamelan [4:00]

Strange Music no #.
Info at

Pedro Carneiro


J. Schwantner: Velocities [7:00]
J.S. Bach: Prelude , Suite #1.

Coming soon on Tojo Records. Info at

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