Program #2220

The man who created "virtual reality," composer, inventor, computer scientist, visual artist, and author Jaron Lanier, returns to New York with new recordings for conventional and invented instruments on this New Sounds program. Lanier’s latest CD, “Columns of Air,” is a collaboration with Robert Dick - a master of experimental flute technique. The title refers to how sound is made in a wind instrument, and also reminds us of Lanier’s former neighborhood in lower Manhattan. From this new recording, hear strange and unusual works, featuring instruments like Robert Dick’s “whammy bar” glissando headjoint, a wind instrument called the Lu Sheng, the santur (Persian hammer dulcimer), and an organ made of salvaged parts from 19th century Boston pipe organs.

PROGRAM #2220, with Jaron Lanier (First aired on 11/24/03)





Jaron Lanier and Robert Dick

Columns of Air

Charge of the Luminous Bridgae [5:30]
Aramaic All-Night Blues [3:00]
Perelandra [4:00]
After the Dust [5:30]
Andalusian Fog [4:00]
Sliding Botticelli [4:00]
Lullaby in Glass [4:30]
Not so Tiny, Not so Quiet, excerpt [1:30]

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