Program #2101

Kitka, the all-women vocal ensemble, has made their reputation crossing continents, languages and styles for 23 years straight. The group has a particular affinity for Eastern European vocal techniques, as demonstrated on their recent CD, The Vine, which features nineteen Balkan and Slavic folksongs. A variety of selections from this disc will be featured on this edition of New Sounds, recorded in November 2002 at the World Financial Center’s Winter Garden. The performance, which marked the ensemble's New York debut, encompassed everything from traditional village chants to contemporary choral pieces.

PROGRAM # 2101, from New Sounds Live at the World Financial Center (First aired on 12/5/02)






Live, World Financial Center Winter Garden, November 13, 2002

Pilentse Peye [2:00]
Subrali Sa Se Subrali [2:30]
Leskoviq Benet Pazar [3:00]
Byla Cesta [3:00]
Malo Selo [2:00]
Kovachevtsi Medley [3:30]
Shto Gorit [3:00]
Ah Razpasledni Raz Devchonechka [1:30]
Ne Po Pogrebu Bochonochek [2:00]
Otche Nas [2:30]
Shen Khar Venakhi [4:30]
Vrlichko Kolo [2:30]
A V Jerusalime [2:00]
Svatba [1:30]
Zapakala E Gorata [2:30]

Kitka has numerous CDs, some of which are available from better stores or online sources. All are available at Kitka's own website,

Bulgarian Women's Chorus

Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares

Svatba [1:30]

Nonesuch Explorer #79165***

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