Program #2070

Laurie Anderson's Live in New York was recorded a mere week after September 11, 2001, and the air of intensity is palpable throughout the two-disc set. Recorded at Town Hall, it includes ten songs from the 2001 CD Life on a String (Nonesuch), plus arrangements of earlier songs from her catalog, including "Let X=X," "Strange Angels," "Coolsville," and the early-1980s classic "O Superman." The latter tune, clothed in a new arrangement, sounds just as poignant as it did 20 years ago, if only because the 90 minutes leading up to it are filled with some of her most dreamlike, unnerving, and yet utterly human music. Selections from this monumental endeavor are the subject of this episode of New Sounds.

PROGRAM #2070, Laurie Anderson "Live At Town Hall" (First aired 9/10/02)





Laurie Anderson

Live at Town Hall, Sept. 19-20, 2001

Here With You [3:00]
Statue of Liberty [4:00]
Wildebeests [4:30]
Animals [3:00]
Life On A String [3:00]
Dark Angel [4:30]
Washington Street [5:00]
Beginning French [2:00]
O Superman [8:00]
Slip Away [5:30]
White Lily [2:30]
Love Among The Sailors [4:00]

Nonesuch Records, 2-CD set #79681**
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