Program #2216

On this New Sounds program, hear the prepared piano - an instrument defined entirely by muting by the attachment of certain objects to the strings of the piano, nuts, bolts, felt, rubber - with selections from John Cage’s Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano. Also on this edition of New Sounds, works by Stephen Scott, another composer who goes inside the piano - but he bows and plucks. Not content to merely place objects on the strings, he rubs tape and fishing line against the piano’s insides, along with many other improvised objects. Plus, William Duckworth’s best-known work, Time Curve Preludes, a set of piano pieces written in 1979 and one of the first so-called "post-minimalist" compositions. Keith Jarrett’s solo improvisations of fluid moods and wanderings for piano, from the 1975 Köln Concert, round out the show.

PROGRAM #2216, Piano Works (First aired on Wednesday 11/12/03)





William Duckworth

The Time Curve Preludes

I [2:30]
II [2:00]
VI [4:00]
XV [1:30]
XXIV [2:30]

Lovely Music # 2031*

John Cage/Herbert Henck

Locations - Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano

Sonata II [2:00]
IV [2:00]
First Interlude [3:00]
Sonata V [1:30]
VI [2:00]

ECM #1842/43***

Stephen Scott

New Sounds Live, 10/25/00, World Financial Center Wintergarden

Entrada [8:00]

Not commercially available, but the piece appears on the Entrada Bowed Piano Ensemble concert video, available through New Albion's site:*, Look for Scott's other CDs on*

Keith Jarrett

Köln Concert

Part IIb [18:00]

ECM #1064*

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