#338: Program #338

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Ah, the unmistakable sounds of surface noise on a – gasp! - record. New Sounds presents another in the “extended instruments” series From the Vaults with a program of music for zither from 1989. Hear Michael Masley playing the cimbalom, a multi-stringed Hungarian instrument related to the santoor and zither. Traditionally, the cimbalom is played with hammers, but Masley extended the range of the instrument by developing his own "bowhammers," which allow for bowing as well as striking and plucking and fit on the fingers. Also, listen to Laraaji's hypnotic drones on electronically enhanced zither along with music from the Polish group Orchestra of the 8th Day. Music by Sylvan Grey for the kantele, or folk harp, rounds out the show.

PROGRAM #338 Extending the Zither (8/9/1989)





Michael Masley

Bells & Shadows

"Goodbye Dali" {8:30}

Michael Masley, PO Box 5232,Berkeley CA 94705; 510-548-1241 OR e-mail mmasley@idiom.com

Orchestra of the 8th Day

Music for the End

"Shadow" {8:00}

Flying Fish #292. Out of print.


Day of Radiance

"Dance #2" {9:00}

EG #EGS-203. Amazon.com*

Malcolm Dalglish

Jogging The Memory

"Bell Pump" {5:00}

Windham Hill #1046, available through Dalglish’s site www.oooliticmusic.com

John McCutcheon

Step By Step

"Carolan's Welcome / Lord Inchiquin" {5:00}

Rounder #0216

Andrew Cronshaw

Till the Beasts' Returning

"The Ho Ho Nighean Dunn Medley" {7:00}

Topic #12TS-447 (LP) And later reissued on "The Andrew Cronshaw CD." Both the LP and CD are out of print, so try Amazon.com* OR www.gemm.com*

Sylvan Grey

Recurring Dream

"Rainshadow" {6:00}

Fortuna #17063. Fortuna/Celestial Harmonies.

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