#803: Program #803

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This 1992 New Sounds From the Vaults is another in the series of programs involving “extended techniques.” Built around the extended piano, hear all sorts of things that were never meant to happen to a piano: Stephen Scott’s bowed piano, where the ensemble plays the piano’s insides, Terry Riley’s music for plucked piano, prepared piano music by John Cage, and music from one of the great American Maverick composers – Henry Cowell. Plus, there’s also some digital piano music, state-of-the-art, back in the early 1990’s – music by Sorrel Hays.

PROGRAM #803 "The Extended Piano" (03/11/1992)





Henry Cowell

Doris Hays: Piano Music of Henry Cowell

"The Voice of Lir"[4:30]
"Aeolian Harp" [2:30]
"The Banshee" [3:30]
"Sinister Resonance"[3:00]

Finnadar #SR 9016 LP. Later reissued on TownHall Records, www.townhallrecords.com

Margaret Leng Tan

Sonic Encounters

Cage: "Primitive"[3:00]

Mode #15. www.mode.com OR try Amazon.com*

Anthony Phillips

Private Parts and Pieces, Vol. I

"Beauty and the Beast"[4:00]

Passport #PVC 7905 is out of print. There is a CD reissue available as an import. Try Amazon.com*

Terry Riley

The Harp of New Albion

"New Albion Chorale" [6:00]

Celestial Harmonies #14018, 2 CDs. www.harmonies.com

Stephen Scott

Minerva's Web

"Tears of Niobe" [6:00]

New Albion #NA 026, www.newalbion.com

Loretta Goldberg


Hays: "90's -A Calendar Necklace" [6:00]

Opus One #152, try www.cdemusic.org

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