#108: With John Adams

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When this New Sounds program first aired in 1988, the American composer and conductor John Adams may have been best known for his opera, “Nixon in China,” written with poet Alice Goodman. For this From the Vaults edition of the show, we’ll revisit the interview where Adams was anxious to talk with host John Schaefer about things other than his opera Nixon in China. The future Pulitzer Prize winner also explained why he moved to the west coast – it was a matter of having too many distractions living on the east coast. Plus, the two Johns managed to avoid the “m” word until nearly halfway through the show. (That’d be “music”? No. “Minimalism.”)

PROGRAM #108 "With Guest John Adams” (First aired April 22, 1988)





John Adams





Nixon In China

Opening, excerpt

Nonesuch 79177* www.nonesuch.com *

The Chairman Dances

The Chairman Dances

Nonesuch 79144


Meister Eckhardt and Quackie

Nonesuch 79115

Adams: Shaker Loops/ Reich: Variations

Shaker Loops, Pts 3 and 4

Phillips LP 412 214-2. Out of print.

The Chairman Dances

Tromba Lontana

See above.

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