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This New Sounds program from September 30, 1991 was the first time "television-opera" composer Robert Ashley had visited the WNYC studios. His work is widely considered to be the pre-cursor of "music-television," since, according to Ashley, "many more people watch television than go the opera." Together, he and host John Schaefer discuss his work "Improvement (Don leaves Linda)", the reissue of his opera, the Kitchen-commissioned "Perfect Lives," in conjunction with the publication of opera's libretto as a book, and other projects on the horizon.

PROGRAM #723: "With Guest Robert Ashley" Airdate: 9/30/1991





Robert Ashley





Perfect Lives

"The Banker,"

Lovely Music #4917. www.lovely.com

Improvement (Don leaves Linda)

excerpt [8:00]

Elektra/Nonesuch 79289 www.nonesuch.com

Perfect Lives

"The Backyard," excerpt [8:30]

See above.

El Aficionado

excerpt [5:00]

Lovely Music 1004 www.lovely.com

Private Parts -The Record

"The Backyard," excerpt [4:00]

Lovely #LM-1001 www.lovely.com

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