Program #2079

New Music from Spain highlights this edition of New Sounds. While flamenco defines the cultural spirit of this country, there is far more to Spanish music. Cádiz-born guitarist Suso Saiz is among the most versatile of today's Spanish artists with roots in jazz, pop, and avant-garde styles. We'll hear selections from his 1991 CD, Simbolos. The three-member group Radio Tarifa draws on a mosaic of Iberian cultures, including African and Arabic percussion. Also on tap is music by flamenco guitarist Juan Martin (pictured right), and a New Sounds Live performance by Virginia Luque, a protégé of Andres Segovia whose career has been fast on the rise.

PROGRAM # 2079, New Music from Spain (First aired on October 2, 2002)





Ensemble Alcatraz & Kitka

Cantigas de Amigo

Mandad' ei comigo [1:30]

Dorian #90285*

Juan Martin

Musica Alhambra

The Passion Of the Lament [9:00]

FlamencoVision# FV #04**

Ketana, Toumani Diabate, Jose Soto, et al.

Songhai 2

Monte de los Suspiros [4:00]

Hannibal #1383
Available only as an import.*

Virginia Luque

New Sounds Live 2/6/97

La Romeria [4:30]

This performance not commercially available.


As Fadas de Estrano Nome

Foliada de Berducido [5:00]

Green Linnet #3118**

Suso Saiz


Los cangrejos no duerman boca arriba [3:30]

Slow Food 9S 0416
Out of print.

Radio Tarifa

Rumba Argelina

En baile de la Bola [2:45]

Nonesuch #79472**

Suso Saiz


Sal de Luna [4:00]

See above.

Paco Peña

Misa Flamenca

Cordero De Dios [4:00]

Nimbus #5288

Luis Paniagua


Revelacio [6:00]

Radio Nacional De Espana #RVE 640025. For more information, visit his website. This CD is otherwise unobtainable.

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