Program #2214

Originally scored for eight instruments, Steve Reich’s Octet was later expanded for chamber orchestra to fully flesh out the eight interlocking melodic lines – hence “Eight Lines”. Two pianists keep the relentless pulse, while multiple canons of sinewy woodwind phrases and chordally based string passages layer over one another, until a rich maximum density is achieved. On this edition of New Sounds, hear Reich’s Eight Lines along with another multi-layered and multi-textured sonic experience - Javanese court gamelan music.

PROGRAM # 2214, Interlocking Rhythm Patterns (First aired on Friday 11/7/03)





Steve Reich

New York Counterpoint/Eight Lines/Four Organs

Eight Lines [17:30]

Nonesuch #79481*** OR*


Court Gamelan, Vol. II

Gending Bonang Babar Layar [21:00]

Nonesuch Explorer #79721***


Works for Marimba and Percussion

A. Hanana: Metalmorphosis [7:30]

Jerusalem Music Centre #JMC-124*

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