Program #2077

For this edition of New Sounds, bass flutist Matthias Ziegler performs live in the studio, shaking and quaking the walls with low low frequencies and self-sampled accompaniment. The Swiss musician has found ways of spicing up the traditional concert flute repertoire, by overdubbing multiple flutes and using unusual miking techniques to draw out the overtones. Also, there's music by L. Shankar, an Indian classical musician, who in the 1980's, commissioned the creation of the unique 10-stringed double violin. Finally, listen to works by the Yugoslavian-born composer and instrumentalist Boris Kovac, whose captivating music draws on avant-rock, jazz, minimalism, and much more.

PROGRAM # 2077, with Matthias Ziegler (First aired on Sept. 26, 2002)






Song For Everyone

Paper Nut [5:00]

ECM #1286* **

Boris Kovač

Ritual Nova I & II

Room Movement [7:00]

ReR #BK-1. Distr. by Cuneiform Records, **

Matthias Ziegler


Maschad, excerpt [1:30]

New Albion #104* **

Matthias Ziegler


Improvisation for Contrabass Flute and Recercada by Diego Ortiz [8:30]

Improvisation for Bass Flute [6:00]

2 Recercadas by Diego Ortiz are on the CD "Uakti," see above.

Mark Dresser Trio


Spin X, excerpt [3:30]

Cryptogramophone #111.

Pharoah's Daughter


Off and On [5:00]

Knitting Factory #306* **

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