Program #2305

California composer Terry Riley’s seminal “In C,” launched the concept form of interlocking repetitive patterns otherwise known as “minimalism.” There are unavoidable comparisons to Riley when talking of music by other Californians working in the San Francisco Bay area, another of whom we’ll hear on this edition of New Sounds. John Adams has recently released “Road Movies,” music settled in a pulse groove and traversing different textural landcapes. Hear his piece for two pianos “Hallelujah Junction,” named for a small truck stop on Highway 49 in the High Sierras on the California-Nevada border. Also, listen to the sampled prepared piano and electronic percussion in Paul Dresher’s “Cage Machine.” Plus, spliced and sampled pieces from Jay Cloidt, another Bay area composer, and more.

PROGRAM #2305 Music from the Bay Area (Fri. 7/09/2004)





John Adams

Road Movies

Hallelujah Junction [16:00]

Nonesuch #79699*** OR

Paul Dresher Ensemble

New Sounds live, Merkin Hall, 3/6/97

Cage Machine [11:00]

Coming out in October 2004 on New Albion Records. See OR

Jay Cloidt

Kole Kat Krush

Kole Kat Krush [5:00]

Starkland #208*

Kronos Quartet

Terry Riley: Requiem For Adam

Cortejo Funebre en el Monte Diablo [7:00]

Nonesuch #79639**.* Or*

Beth Custer

The Shirt I Slept In

Billabong [4:30]

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