Program #2068

Virtuoso percussionist Evelyn Glennie plays a visiting alien in Michael Daugherty's UFO Concerto. This five-movement work is set in three movements - naturally, "Unidentified", "Flying", and "Objects" - and features mysterious percussion instruments played in unfamiliar ways. Also on tonight's program is the Thai Elephant Orchestra. Plus hear percussionist David Cossin, from a recent live performance on Soundcheck, and Eitetsu Hayashi & Yosuke Yamashita performing a bolero.

PROGRAM # 2068, Unusual Percussion Music (Wednesday, September 4, 2002)





Thai Elephant Orchestra

Produced by Dave Soldier & Richard lair

Thung Kwian Sunrise [4:30]

Mulatta #004

Michael Daugherty / Evelyn Glennie


??? [6:00]
Flying [15:30]

Klavier #11121***

David Cossin

Live, "Soundcheck," WNYC, 9-4-02

Improvisation for Amplified Cardboard Tube [4:00]

Not commercially available

Eitetsu Hayashi & Yosuke Yamashita

Duo - Live in Warehouse

Bolero - excerpt [10:00]

King #697 (Japanese CD)
More info about Eitetsu Hayashi at

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