Program #2062

German composer and inventor Hans Reichel has been working with the daxophone instrument series for some years now. His invention, which looks something like a tripod, produces noise when the carved wood on top is bowed. Depending on the shape of the wood carving, the instrument can approximate various sounds, like growls, warbling singing voices, kazoos, and synthesizer noises. Hear the singing voice of wood, multitracked and with nifty percussion all over his latest release, YUXO: A New Daxophone Operetta, on this edition of New Sounds. Plus, Bill Trig plays a recent composition by Kevin Volans live in the studio and hear from fellow German composer Ferdinand Försch as well.

PROGRAM #2062 New Instruments (First aired on 7/31/02)





Hans Reichel


YUXO - A New Daxophone Operetta

The Duke of Syracuse [2:00]
A Life Without Lychees [3:30]
You Can Dance With Me [5:30]

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Ferdinand Försch/Tracy Silverman


L'Arcton 4/2 [14:00]

Klangbilder #30052 OR

Bill Trigg


Kevin Volans: Akrodha [10:00]

Not commercially available.

Mark Deutsch


Painted Bird, excerpt [7:30] *

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