Program #2061

Dominic Frasca and Marc Mellits are two of today's leading interpreters of minimalism in the classical guitar world - and for good reason. Composers Philip Glass and Steve Reich have endorsed these guitarists spellbinding transcriptions for the instrument. We hear selections from the recent CD Shattered Glass, including Glass's works "Mad Rush," "Two Pages" and Metamorphosis No. 1 for 10, 13 and 6. We also hear guitar works by Frasca and "Five Minetudes" by Marc Mellits.

PROGRAM #2061 With Dominic Frasca, live (First aired on 7/29/02)





Sex Mob


Sex Mob Does Bond

You Only Live Twice [5:30]

Rope A Dope #93054 OR

Roberto Laneri

Memories of the Rain Forest

Jung In Africa [9:00]

Amiata #0794

Dominic Frasca


Glass: Two Pages [11:00]
Mellits: Dark Age Machinery [2:00],
Lefty's Elegy [3:00]
Frasca: Forced Entry [5:00]

More info on Dominic Frasca at his website
Also, hear Frasca on Reich's "Electric Guitar Phase" Nonesuch #79546

Carl Weingarten


Lafayette [2:00]

Multiphase #110

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