Program #2058

Electronic music has come in many shapes and sizes today, from techno beats to complex sonic manipulations of the IRCAM school. On this installment of New Sounds we hear Alvin Curran's evocative and curiously lyrical "Song and Views of the Magnetic Garden" (1973), a work that combines chanting, singing, the bells of Rome, the lapping of the ocean, and many other sounds. Jonathan Harvey's tape piece "Mortuos Plango Vivos Voco" resulted from an invitation from Boulez to work at IRCAM in the early 1980s. And Luc Ferrari's 1977 Place des abbesses is an evocative electro acoustic work realized at his home studio in Paris.

PROGRAM #2058 Electroacoustic Music (First aired on 7/22/02)





Alvin Curran


Songs & Views Of the Magnetic Garden

From A Room On the Piazza [3:30]
On My Satin Harp [20:00]
At Harmony Ranch [4:30]

Catalyst/BMG #61823
Now out of print, but try auction sites;* has one.

Luc Ferrari

Cellule 75

Place Des Abbesses, excerpt [12:30]

Tzadik #7033

Jonathan Harvey

Computer Music Currents 5: Smalley, Saariaho, Loy, et al

Mortuos Plango, Vivos Voco [9:00]

Wergo #2025
dist. by Schott Publishing

Alvin Lucier

Still Lives

Barbecue Grill [5:00]

Lovely Music #5012 ,

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