Program #2195

On this edition of New Sounds, we're “Phoning It In.” From dial tones to busy signals, phone messages and disconnects, as well as the conversations in between, we’ll hear a number of works about the telephone, or even with the telephone as the instrument. Hear Anton Batagov's “Dialog,” featuring the voice of a Russian automated Telebanking system. Also, listen for Lou Reed’s “New York Telephone Conversation," a cutesy poke at Warhol-era New York pop-sphere gossip. Plus there’s the Penguin Café Orchestra classic “Telephone and Rubber Band,” along with many other phone-based tunes.

PROGRAM #2195 "Phoning It In" - music based on telephone technology
(First aired Wed. 9-24-03)





Jocelyn Pook

Portraits In Absentia

Messages [1:30]
Parvin & Trevor's Journey [4:30]

Private CD, but more info available soon at Pook's website,
In the meantime, a discography is available

Lou Reed


New York Telephone Conversation [2:00]

RCA LP#4807, but reissued and available for purchase at*

Various Artists: Laurie Anderson

Women In Electronic Music, 1977

New York Social Life [3:30]

CRI #728 Out of print, but try*

Jocelyn Pook

New Sounds Live, 11/3/99, World Financial Center

Everything Is Okay [5:00]

Not commercially available.

David Garland

On The Other Side Of The Window

I'm Here [3:00]

Jocelyn Pook

Portraits In Absentia

Are You There [1:30]

See above.

Penguin Café Orchestra

A History

Telephone And Rubber Band [4:00]

Virgin #PCOBOX 1.**
[4 CDs]
Available for purchase at*

They Might Be Giants

Live, WNYC, 6/30/03

Bed [3:30]

Info at

They Might Be Giants


She's Actual Size [7:00]

Rhino #78139** (2 CDs),,

Jocelyn Pook

Portraits In Absentia

Lots & Lots & Lots [3:30]

See above.

Anton Batagov


System [4:00]

Zagny #980909

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