Program #2287

On this New Sounds program, it’s another installment of the “Private Reel” series of shows, exclusive live performances from the WNYC studio. Hear works by bassist Edgar Meyer with Jerry Douglas and Sam Bush, tunes by Michael Franti and Spearhead, and music by vocalist Sanda Weigl. Listen to live improvisation by sitar maestro Shahid Parvez Khan and works by flamenco singer/songwriter Enrique Morente. Plus, the Japanese duo the Yoshida Brothers perform updated shamisen music, and German cabaret star Wenzel sings music by Woody Guthrie.

PROGRAM #2287, A Private Reel (First aired 5/21 /2004)               





Chris Thomas King

Live, WNYC's Soundcheck, 4/29/04

Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues [4:00]

Appears on the soundtrack & the film "O Brother Where Art Thou." CDs and info at

Michael Franti & Spearhead

Live, WNYC's Soundcheck, 12/19/03

Yes I Will [4:00]

CDs and info at


Live, WNYC's Soundcheck, 3/9/04

90 Mile Wind [3:30]

Wenzel's CD Ticky Tock is on the Conträr Musik label The English version is record #1933. The German version is record #1925.

Sanda Weigl

Live, WNYC's Soundcheck, 7/8/02

Lume Lume [5:00]

Her CD, "Gypsy Killer," is Knitting Factory #315, available for purchase at*

Frank London's Klezmer Brass All Stars

Live, WNYC's Soundcheck, 3/29/04

Wedding in Crown Heights [3:00]

CDs are available through Frank's site: or at

Ustad Shahid Parvez

Live, WNYC's Soundcheck, 10/16/03

Raga Shudh Sarang [10:00]

Many CDs are available at

The Yoshida Brothers

Live, WNYC's Soundcheck, 10/17/03

Hayaka Ryoran [3:00]

Their CD is available at

Banning Eyre

Live, WNYC's Soundcheck, 4/23/04

Sundiata [3:00]

Books and CDs at Eyre's site

Enrique Morente

Live, WNYC's Soundcheck, 11/4/03

Canciones de la Romeria de Yerma [6:00]

Morente's CDs are available through OR

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