Program #2180

Trio Mediaeval is a Norwegian ensemble, three women who, as you might guess from the name, sing music from the 13th and 14th centuries. Yet they make this music sound wonderfully fresh, as if it were composed just days ago, not centuries. It's a repertoire rich in subtle expressive possibilities, with decorated melodies and florid polyphony. On this edition of New Sounds, the ensemble performs contemporary and medieval works as well as traditional Norwegian folk music in the WNYC studio.

PROGRAM #2180, Trio Mediaeval, live (First aired on Monday July 21, 2003)





Hilliard Ensemble & Jan Garbarek


Hymn To The Sun [7:30]


Trio Mediaeval

Words Of The Angel

Ivan Moody: Words Of The Angel [5:30]

ECM 1753***

Trio Mediaeval


Anon. Salve Mater Misericordia [2:30]
Gavin Bryars: Ave Regina Gloriosa [3:30]
trad. Norwegian: Det Er Tungvint Fri [3:00]

The Anonymous English work is on the CD "Words of the Angel." The Bryars is on the Trio's CD, “Soir, dit-elle”, ECM #1869*

Red Byrd

Songs of Love and Death

John Paul Jones: Al son de los arroyuelos [5:00]
So elle encina [4:30]

Factory Records #336
Out of print.

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