Program #2045

On this edition of New Sounds, composer Toby Twining discusses his ambitious "Chrysalid Requiem," this epic 12-voice a cappella work incorporating extended vocal techniques, rock-style studio production, and unconventional tunings. The work is performed by Toby Twining Music, an ensemble founded in 1991 by the composer to perform his repertoire, which ranges from phonic experimentations to settings for haiku and sacred prose. Not only is Twining's group up to the work's many challenges, but they make it sound easy.

PROGRAM #2045 with Toby Twining (First aired on 6/10/02)





Toby Twining

Chrysalid Requiem

Introit [6:00]
Kyrie [6:00]
Sequence I-III [11:00]
Offertory [6:30]
Sanctus [5:00]
Responsory [5:00]
Antiphon [5:30]

Cantaloupe Music #21007.**

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