Program #2041

Operatic singing isn't always about monumental sets, voluminous costumes, orchestral glitter, and other symbols of theatrical excess. Many new-music artists have written works for operatic vocals, including John Harle, saxophonist and composer of "Terror and Magnificence", which featured a collaboration with singer/songwriter Elvis Costello. Also featured on this New Sounds program are works by Bill Laswell, Voce, Vangelis, Ragnar Grippe, Nicholas Lens, and Pierre Schroeder. And for a more traditional approach, listen to mezzo-soprano Jennifer Larmore and soprano Hei Kyung Hong in the Flower Duet from Delibes' Lakme.

PROGRAM #2041 New music with operatic vocals (First aired on 5/28/02)





Hei Kyung Hong & Jennifer Larmore

Bellezza Vocale

Delibes: Flower Duet from "Lakme"

Teldec #22801**
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Movement 9 [5:00]

Sony Classical #89191**
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Nicholas Lens

Flamma Flamma - The Fire Requiem

Agnus Purus [6:00]

Sony Classical #66293
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Ragnar Grippe


Confutatis maledictis [4:30]
Agnus Dei [4:30]
Domine Jesu [3:20]

Bis #820
Dist. by Qualiton Imports OR
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Bill Laswell, etc


Puccini: Nessun Dorma [5:0]

Knitting Factory #267. , , OR
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Ave Maria [4:30] ,

Pierre Schroeder

Pagan Mass

Gloria In Profundis [5:00]

Centaur #2543 OR
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John Harle

Terror & Magnificence

The Three Ravens [5:30]

Argo #452605
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