Program #2036

It's imaginary world music on this edition of New Sounds. The Spanish group Radio Tarifa blends traditional North African music, flamenco, and a dash of Cuban rhythms with pop. Hear the rich and sensual results on their CD Rumba Argelina. Similarly, 3 Mustaphas 3 has roots in Eastern Europe, but the band takes on a lively assortment of global styles, using various indigenous instruments and multilingual vocals to boot. Plus, hear from Penguin Café Orchestra, Zap Mama, Bobby McFerrin, and more.

PROGRAM #2036 Imaginary World Music (First aired on 5/7/02)





3 Mustaphas 3

BAM! Big Mustaphas Play Stereolocalmusic

A Chilling Tale, Part IV/ Belz [3:30]

Ace Records #Fez005

Radio Tarifa


Conductus [4:00]

Nonesuch #79499** *


Radio Tarifa

Rumba Argelina

Rumba Argelina. [3:30]

Nonesuch #79492** *

3 Mustaphas 3

Out On The Rolling Sea - a Tribute to the Music of Joseph Spence

A Chilling Tale: Harcount Drowned [4:00]

Green Linnet #3095

3 Mustaphas 3

Play Musty For Me

Valle E Pogradecit [5:00]

Omnium #2027

Zap Mama

Adventures in Afropea Vol. 1

Babanzélé [4:00]

Luaka Bop #45183**

Bobby McFerrin

Beyond Words

Mass [2:30]
Monks/The Shepherd [3:00]

Blue Note #34201**

Penguin Café Orchestra

Penguin Café Orchestra

Cutting Branches [3:00]

Editions EG#11**

Another Fine Day


Cutting Branches (excerpt) [4:00]

Six Degrees #30042

Penguin Café Orchestra

Signs of Life

Dirt [4:30]

Editions EG#50

Penguin Café Orchestra

Broadcasting From Home

Another One From the Colonies [3:00]

Editions EG#38; same as above.

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