Program #2267

It's been a long time since the last episode of New Sounds took on the idea of theme and variations, but here comes a program on the tune "Wayfaring Stranger". Hear an hour of unusual arrangements and rearrangements of the classical American folk song, including a gamelan version by Jody Diamond, a computer version by Paul Lansky, and recordings from Anonymous 4, the Cold Mountain soundtrack, the band Wayfaring Strangers, and more.

PROGRAM # 2267, Theme & Variation: Wayfaring Stranger (First aired on 3/30/04)





Bill Laswell

Emerald Aether: Shape Shifting

The Wayfaring Stranger [1:30]

Shanachie #78035** OR

Cold Mountain


Wayfaring Stranger [4:30]

DMZ/Columbia #86843***

Anonymous 4

American Angels

Wayfaring Stranger [2:30]

Harmonia Mundi #907326***

The Wayfaring Strangers

Shifting Sands of Time

Wayfaring Stranger [6:30]

Rounder #610484** Available at

Paul Lansky

Folk Images

Wayfaring Stranger [5:00]

Bridge #9060**

Roy Harris

Violin Sonata and Piano Works

American Ballads I: Wayfaring Stranger [2:00]

Albany #105

B.A.N.G. (Bay Area New Gamelan)

Works by Jody Diamond, Ingram Marshall, et al

In That Bright World [6:00]

Cassette available from the American Gamelan Institute

Ed Gerhard

House Of Guitars

Poor Wayfaring Stranger [6:00]

Virtue #1925

Joel Harrison

Free Country

Wayfaring Stranger [6:30]



Live From the Make-Believe

Wayfaring Stranger, excerpt [1:00]

Dromedary Music #01

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