A crib sheet of this week's events

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From New York Times , and
The Takeaway covers this week's hot button items. Among these are President Obama's lift on restrictions to federally-funded stem cell research, the government's spending bill, politicizing the recession, mortgage crackdown, market research on China, President Obama's visit to Turkey and a "card check" legislation for unions. Joining the discussion is Marcus Mabry, international business editor at the New York Times and Todd Zwillich, a reporter for Capitol News Connection.

"The Obama administration may start to take some hard hits, not just from Republicans but from outside observers who start to say 'Look at these unemployment numbers we saw. Look at the lack of political leadership and ability for the Democrats to get their own agenda through.' Then the Democrats are going to look like they're ineffectual, and I think that is the real danger of this week."
— Marcus Mabry of the New York Times on what President Obama has in store for this week