Program #2258

One of Afghanistan's best-known female singers, Ustad Farida Mahwash, trained with classical masters, and now lives in exile in California. She had given concerts and performed on the radio long before the Taliban regime came to power and has just released a tour CD, "Mahwash: Radio Kaboul,” recorded in honor of the musicians of Radio Kabul. On this edition of New Sounds, listen to music by Ustad Mahwash. Also, sample from the recent double live CD by Habib Koite of Mali, backed by the superstar musicians of Bamada. Koite's velvety, intimate voice combines with balafon, calabasse, harmonica, and the six-string kora-like kamale n'goni, for layers of sound “as light as filo pastry, as substantial as whole-grain bread,” according to The Beat magazine. Plus, hear recordings from Namibia, Mozambique, and Sunda (Indonesia).

PROGRAM # 2258, World Music from Mali To New Guinea
(First aired on Monday, 3/8/04)





Habib Koite

Foly! Live Around the World

Ma Ya [9:30]

World Village#468021*


Ju'hoansi Bushmen - Instrumental Music

N[]aru Lake [3:00]

Ocora #560179 OR*

Saba Saba

Conjunto Music of Mozambique

Conjunto Nimala: Bainxa [3:00]

Globe Style #077 Possibly available through OR

Madagasikara 1

Current Traditional Music of Madagascar

Tombo & Vaviroa: Dia Mahaory [5:00]

GlobeStyle #012 See above.

Taarab 3

The Music of Zanzibar

Mbaya Kufanya Jema [4:30]

GlobeStyle #040 See above.


Musiques oubliees des Iles: Danses et romances de l' Ancienne France

Kotis (Scottish) [4:00]

Ocora #559055. Out of print, but try


Radio Kaboul

Listen to the Nai [7:30]

Accords Croises# ACC-100

Tembang Sunda

Music from West Java

Tepang Asih [4:30]

Celestial Harmonies #13134.***


Serious Tam

Balamaris [4:30]

Real World#49543**

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