Program #2028

Even before the age of Grofé and Copland, composers have been depicting scenic wonders of the American West. In more recent times, Philip Glass is another artist to have found inspiration in the landscape. He teamed up in 1990 with poet Allen Ginsberg to create Hydrogen Jukebox, a theatrical portrait of modern life in the U.S. that includes "A Cabin In The Rockies." Similarly, counterculture guru William S. Burroughs salutes the darker side of the American West in "The Road To The Western Lands," while Sasha Matson brings a homespun country twang to the genre in "Going Home To The Mountains." Also on tap for this edition of New Sounds are Ingram Marshall and Paul Hillier, performing the Sierran Songs.

PROGRAM # 2028, Music & poetry inspired by the mountains of the West (First aired on 4/12/02)





Philip Glass & Allen Ginsberg

Hydrogen Jukebox

Song #9, from Nagasaki Days [:30] song #8, From A Cabin In The Rockies [4:30]

Nonesuch #79286** *

Material, with William S. Burroughs

The Road To The Western Lands

Spring Heel Jack: The Road To The Western Lands [6:30]

Triloka #319 558 021** *

Ingram Marshall with Paul Hillier

New Sounds Live, the New School for Social Research, 1995

Sierran Songs, 3 excerpts [14:00]

Not commercially available, although a similar piece called Hymnodic Delays appears on Marshall's CD Kingdom Come, Nonesuch #79613** or other online sources*

Sasha Matson

Range of Light

Going Home To The Mountains [10:00]

New Albion #091** *

Crouch End Festival Chorus

Songs From Liquid Days: music of Philip Glass

There Are Some Men [3:00]

Silva #6023** *

Peter Garland

Walk In Beauty

The View From Vulture Peak [5:00]

New Albion #052** *

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