Program #2164

The history of Western fascination in the traditions of the far East has long been laced with overtones of colonialism and condescension. Yet the mixtures between East and West have also produced a fascinating body of Western art, literature, and music. This edition of New Sounds features recent examples of music for Western and Asian classical instruments by Evan Ziporyn, Michael Nyman, and Bobby Previte, among others.

PROGRAM #2164 Music Inspired by India & Indonesia (Wednesday, 6-11-03)





Evan Ziporyn


Ocean [5:00]
Meditasi [11:30]
Tabuh Gari [6:00]

Cantaloupe #21015

Michael Nyman &
Rajan and Sajan Misra


"Sawan:First Rain" [9:00]

Warner Classic UK #49551
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Bobby Previte

Solo Electronic Drums

Come On [5:00]

Private Recording. More about Bobby Previte at

A. Leroy

Private tape

Ramayana Monkey March [9:00]

Not commercially available.

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