Program #2157

America's love affair with the automobile has inspired more than a few contemporary composers to seek out the playful side in cars and trucks. Among these is Michael Daugherty, who is represented on this New Sounds program by "Used Car Salesman," a percussion piece inspired by the career of his father who worked at used car lot in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Also, hear the Sap Dream Electric Guitar Quartet in "Ice Cream Truck," and Jed Distler's String Quartet #1, the "Mister Softee Variations" (premiered in 1999 by the Flux Quartet).

PROGRAM #2157, Playing With Cars and Trucks (First aired on Thurs., 5/22/03)





Ethos Percussion Group

Sol Tunnels

M. Daugherty: Used Car Salesman [12:00]

Ethos Percussion #6878

Sap Dream Electric Guitar Quartet, with Mark Stewart

Live, NY Guitar Festival, at Makor

Rami Vamos: Ice Cream truck [13:00]

Not commercially available.

Jed Distler

Private CD

String Quartet #1: Mister Softee Variations [16:00]

Not commercially available. Info about Distler at

Paul Lansky


Ride, excerpt [6:00]

Bridge #9103**

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