Program #2022

Contrary to popular belief, choral music encompasses a wide assortment of styles and national idioms. Among the great choral composers of our age is James MacMillan, whose urgent, sophisticated "Hayoka Te Deum" is performed here by the Brooklyn Youth Chorus. Equally fascinating is John Cage's exquisitely contemplative and hypnotic choral work, "Four²," and otherwordly British composer John Tavener's spellbinding "Apokatastasis" and "Song For Athene" (made world-famous at Princess Diana's funeral). Rounding out the program are selections by the Ensemble Organum, Ivan Moody, and Stephan Micus.

PROGRAM # 2022, vocal and choral music (First aired on Mon. 3/18/02)





John Cage

The Choral Works, Vol 1

Four² (version 1) [6:30]

Mode #71** *

Trio Mediaeval

Words Of The Angel

Ivan Moody: Words Of The Angel [5:30]

ECM #1753** *

John Tavener

The Hidden Face

Apokatastasis [3:00]

Harmonia Mundi #907 285** *

Brooklyn Youth Chorus

Voices Of Harmony

James MacMillan: Hayoka Te Deum [5:30]

The Rustavi Choir

Georgian Voices

Orovela [5:30]

Nonesuch/Explorer #79224** *

Stephan Micus


The Third Night [6:30]

ECM #315 523 393** *

Ensemble Organum

Chants De L'Eglise De Rome

Graduel: Hec Dies [4:00]

Harmonia Mundi (France) #901 218 *

John Tavener


Song For Athene [7:00]

Sony #66613** *

(not aired on 10/22/02):

John Cage

The Choral Works, Vol 1

Four² (version 2) [5:30]

See above.

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