Program #2011

Bang On a Can's annual People’s Commissioning Fund concerts are among the livelier showcases of new American music to take place in New York every season. The concept is simple: the organization selects a handful of composers to write works for its house band to be performed in a free concert in New York. The results are often spirited: the 2001 program featured Sussan Deyhim, whose music is informed by her own Iranian heritage as well as by the American experimental tradition; James Fei, whose works are joyful, noisy, and utterly urban; as well as works by Jeffrey Brooks and Keeril Makan.

PROGRAM # 2011, From the Bang On A Can People's Commissioning Fund, 6/20/01 (First aired on Thursday Feb. 21, 2002)





Phil Kline

The Bang On A Can All-Stars, New Sounds Live, Merkin Hall, 6/20/01

Exquisite Corpses, excerpt [5:00]

Appears on the Bang On A Can CD Renegade Heaven**, on Canteloupe Records. or

Keeril Makan

Same as above

Bleed Through [13:00]

Not commercially available.

Sussan Deyhim

Same as above

Lost Exit [16:30]

Not commercially available. Deyhim's CD Madman of God is on Crammed Discs and is available online*

Jeffrey Brooks

Same as above

Skeleton Crew [9:30]

Not commercially available.

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