Program #2150

For the past two decades, the guitarist John Schneider has performed almost exclusively on the well-tempered guitar which uses different patterns of fretting according to the key or tuning system required. He has performed Renaissance and Baroque repertoire in their original temperaments, as well as contemporary music in alternative tunings. This installment of New Sounds offers a wide-ranging look at this remarkable artist.

PROGRAM #2150, with John Schneider (Wednesday 5/7/03)





John Schneider

Just Guitars

C. Scholtz: Rhythmicon [4:00]

Bridge Records 9132


L. Harrison: Suite for National Steel Guitar [8:30]
H. Partch: 6 Songs of Li Po [6:00]
L. Harrison: Scenes from Nek Chand [9:30]

Not yet recorded, but Harrison's "Scenes from Nek Chand" is on the CD "Just Guitars", above.

Just Guitars

H. Partch: 3 Intrusions, #3 [1:00]
T. Reily: New Albion Chorale, excerpt [2:00]

See above.

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