Program #2237

Minimalism just can't seem to sever its connection to rock and jazz, and on this edition of New Sounds, we'll hear the influence of minimalism as felt in the jazz world. Composer Joseph C. Phillips and his unique “jazz chamber” orchestra, Numinous, combine improvisation and unfolding textures of instrumental patterns to achieve catchy motifs that bring to mind music by Steve Reich. Plus hypnotic and lyrical musical patterns from composer/songwriter John Hodian, and world music with the group Other Music.

PROGRAM #2237, The Minimalist Influence (First aired 1-20-04)





Steve Reich

8 Lines / City Life

8 Lines, excerpt [1:30]

RCA/BMG #66459***

Joseph C. Phillips Jr.


To Kyoto [8:30]

Other Music

Incidents Out Of Context

The Spirit Is Willing [7:00]

Flying Fish #302 LP, out of print.

John Hodian


MMU-14, excerpt [16:00]

Private LP. More info about Hodian at

Joseph C. Phillips Jr.


A Tear Of The Clouds [11:00]

See above.

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