Program #2016

Composer Stewart Wallace has written for theater, concert hall, film and ballet, and is most widely known for the 1995 opera Harvey Milk. Yet his music has an engaging, theatrical quality regardless of genre, as demonstrated in this program featuring excerpts from his "L'Cha Dodi" and "Gorilla in a Cage" (a concerto composed for percussionist Evelyn Glennie). Wallace has also collaborated with the British art-rock ensemble Icebreaker, and here we find this facinating group in an excerpt from Michael Gordon's "Yo Shakespeare." Framing this madcap mixture are works by Harold Budd and Mark Clement Pollard.

PROGRAM # 2016, with Stewart Wallace and James Poke (First aired on Thurs., 3/7/02)





Harold Budd

The Pavilion of Dreams

Bismillahi 'Rrahman 'Rrahim [18:30]

Editions EG #30.** Available online.*

Stewart Wallace


L'Cha Dodi part 2 [4:00]

Koch #3-7048-2 . Apparently now out of print. Info:


Terminal Velocity

M.Gordon: Yo Shakespeare, excerpt [4:00]

Argo #443 214. Out of print. Info at

Stewart Wallace

Private CD

Gorilla in a Cage, excerpt [6:00]

Private recording. Info:

Mark Clement Pollard

A Handful of Rain

Between Home and Heaven [7:00]

Move #3218. Australian CD; or

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