Program #1967

New Sounds Live at The Bang On A Can Marathon, Part 3 of 5. Hear recordings from the annual day-long new music marathon at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, recorded live in October 2001. Hear music from Joshua Fried, Harry Partch, and Arnold Dreyblatt & the Orchestra of Excited Strings.
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PROGRAM # 1967, from the 2001 Bang On A Can Marathon (First aired on Wed. 10/31/01)






Live, BAM Opera House, 10/28/01

Harry Partch: Castor and Pollux

This piece was recorded by Harry Partch on the Partch instruments, available on CRI, #6001 or #7000, available through this site:
Newband has recored several Partch works on Microtonal Works, Vol. 2, Mode Records, Mode #33.**

Bang On A Can All-Stars

Live, BAM Opera House, 10/28/01

Joshua Fried: Headphone Sextet, parts 1 and 2 [8:00]

Not commercially recorded.

Arnold Dreyblatt's Orchestra of Excited Strings

Live, BAM Opera House, 10/28/01

The Adding Machine [10:30]

Dreyblatt's CD with the Orchestra of Excited Strings is on Cantaloupe Music**; info at or

Bang On A Can All-Stars

Live, BAM Opera House, 10/28/01

Marc Mellits: 5 Machines, parts 1 & 2 [8:00]

Not yet commercially available.

*,** Find the recordings you've heard - go to the New Sounds Recordings Information page